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We love to see our clients get life changing results and find loving, connected relationships; we get both inspired and excited by having the creative freedom to use our passion for psychology and behavioural change to provide the help that we ourselves once needed.


We believe that everyone deserves real, honest and genuine love, but not everyone knows how to get it.  The dating and relationship industry provides false solutions in the form of scripts, mind-games, and manipulation, while ignoring crucial elements which can cause many people to be vulnerable with the wrong people, resulting in unhealthy relationships.


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We Believe That A Relationship Does Not Complete You.

You Are Already Whole - But Two Whole People Create A Strong Relationship

Lily Walford

An international dating coach who has been focused on how busy professionals can date safely and successfully when the relationship and dating industry have been focused on manipulation techniques, scripts and dating apps that often create short term and superficial relationships. 


"It's important for us to provide our clients with the most effective solutions within the dating and relationship industry so they can find long lasting, real and genuine love"


Relationships have such a huge part to play in our lives, which makes it so important for us to meet the right person to create the right foundations with, to share memories with and to live a loving life with. 


You've worked hard to be where you are right now, ensure that you share that life with someone special.


Behavioural Profiler - Hypnotist - Life Coach - NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

Specialising In Relationships 

Our Partnership

"Results are worth more than credentials" 


This is why we want to ensure that all our clients are being provided with the most effective skills, strategies and training within the industry. We want our clients to enjoy fantastic relationships with confidence. 


Our partnership with Chase Hughes has provided military grade skills and research that get's us into the human mind in a way a psychology degree cannot. By understanding the mind we understand relationships at a deeper level to the point where we can see if a relationship is destined for success or destined for failure and more importantly we can tell you why. 


Enjoy this level of understanding to see relationships in a whole new light so you can embrace love with clarity and certainty. 


Chase Hughes

The leading military and intelligence behavior expert with 20 years of creating the most advanced behavior skills courses and tactics available worldwide:

Chase Hughes is a leading behavior expert in the United States and the #1 bestselling author of two books on tactical behavior skills. He is the author of the worldwide #1 bestselling book on advanced persuasion, influence and behavior profiling.

Chase teaches elite groups, government agencies and police in behavior science skills including behavior profiling, nonverbal analysis, deception detection, interrogation, and advanced behavioral investigation. His Tactical Behavior Science course is a critical, life-saving course designed for law enforcement, and his Human Tradecraft course is specifically designed for intelligence operations personnel who depend heavily on serious human behavior skills.

Chase developed the groundbreaking, world-first interrogation behavior analysis tool and the T.F.C.A. cycle that revolutionized law enforcement training in the U.S. He is also the creator of the Pre-Violence Indicators Index, designed to alert personnel to pre-attack behaviors and save lives.​

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