Identifying & Disarming


Picture This

It's 6:30pm, you are sat opposite a complete stranger. Listening to that voice telling you all about themselves and their achievements. 


You have a few minutes left to make the decision on whether to see them again before your next speed date arrives. 


Could you know within one short encounter whether they are a narcissist, or someone who could be worth spending the rest of your life with?

Finding Love?

Make sure you meet the right one, not just anyone.

Everyone deserves a loving relationship, so how can you guarantee that you are meeting someone who is ready and able to share that with you? 


Learn the red flags that you can detect in the first few encounters of meeting someone, helping you ensure that you are only opening yourself up to a long lasting relationship with the right one.


Those who have been in a relationship with a narcissist will understand how damaging that can be - going through this program can really support you on your healing journey. Understanding how a narcissist's mind works can help you let go of the blame, shame and hurt that you may have held on to after that relationship.

Do You Know How To Disarm All Narcissists?

Have you noticed how there are so many blogs, videos and programs on how to identify narcissist, but there's very little guidance on what to actually DO about it?


Is there really a one size fits all solution? The answer is no.


What we do have is a solution that you can tailor to ANY situation so you will know how to stand your ground and not lose yourself in encounters with a narcissist.


Enjoy feeling confident knowing how a narcissistic mind works and what you need to do to avoid, work around, or even influence them in a healthy, positive and safe way. 

Narcissist At Work?

Do you know what to do before things get really difficult?

Typing away at your desk and you are summoned by your boss. They ask you to hit a deadline that's  unachievable and as you are about to mention this impossible to do, they state how it can be passed to someone else and that it will affect your promotion.


Perhaps there have been some inappropriate sexual messages, actions that have made you feel really uncomfortable.


Would you know what to do? Or would you feel that your only option is to endure and hope it would all go away?

Sometimes It's Not A Simple As "Cut Them Out Of Your Life"

It was the fairytale when you met, you felt loved, they treated you so well. Fast forward 5 years... You got married, had two children and went through a divorce after they started to become manipulative, controlling, and abusive. 


You can't cut them out of your life entirely as they are your children's parent, but co-parenting feels almost impossible. 


So what can you do that is best for you and best for your children?


In this course we share techniques and principles that you can use to ease communication so your voice is heard. 

Family Member? Or Ex Partner?

Know how to make the best out of those encounters

Families are precious but we don't get the advantage of picking and choosing our family members. Whether you have a narcissistic parent, sibling or ex partner that you have children with. 


We all know what it can be like if we go against what they want, but what would happen if you knew how to approach situations with the maximum chance of a peaceful, smooth conversation, while also being able to attend family events without the dread of being triggered by a narcissistic "dig" at the table?

About Us

Meet Lily Walford & Jonam Ross.


Relationship & Dating Coaches, Behavioural Profilers Trained Personally By Chase Hughes (A world leader in behavioural profiling). 


They believe that everyone deserve real, genuine and honest love. The problem is not everyone knows how to get it. 


The dating and relationship industry provides false solutions in the form of scripts, mind-games, and manipulation, while ignoring crucial elements which can cause women to be vulnerable with the wrong people, resulting in unhealthy relationships.


We are the only dating and relationship company that provides training and coaching using psychology and behavioural profiling that’s been developed for Intelligence Services to use in life or death scenarios.  We take these skills and repurpose them towards creating the perfect foundations for deep, meaningful, loving relationships.


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