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Harry and Meghan’s ‘space’ relationship with the Windsors could be what you need to cool off

Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah was an explosive one, with viewers stunned as the couple detailed the struggles they’ve had with the royal ‘firm’ over the years.


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Harry and Meghan’s ‘space’ relationship with the Windsors could be what you need to cool off   Read more:

Are you a victim of Bridgertoning? How to handle a relationship that keeps going hot and cold.

If you’ve already binged your way through Netflix’s sexiest new period drama – Bridgerton – then you will know the ins and outs of Daphne and Simon’s tumultuous relationship.


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No sex in lockdown: “enforced abstinence made me realise something major about myself”

Not having sex for months on end made one young woman re-evaluate her relationship with her body, her confidence and led her to a major realisation about how she felt about herself. 


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How to spot a manipulative relationship

A relationship coach talks us through the red flags to look out for

Manipulation is part of the human condition. At some point in our lives, all of us will have used a form of manipulation in order to get what we want.

Most of the time, this manipulation is harmless; the other person can clearly see what we’re up to and knows why we’re doing it — and though our motive is in our own interest, it isn't sinister.


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Stand up when you talk, take a virtual tea break: how to bond with workmates during the pandemic

It’s easy to feel isolated when everyone is working from home – but you really can turn colleagues into friends. Here are some expert tips


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Body language signals men do when they’re secretly and totally into you

Lockdown's lifting, the pubs are opening and your love life is set to go from virtual meeting to beer garden hot date potential. Behavioural profiler Lily Walford reveals the five body language signals to look out for now we can all get 1-metre cosy.


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How to get over someone

Breakups can be tough at any time, let alone during lockdown. And while some people might be able to simply move on without getting all sad, many of us will take some time to get over an ex and actually deal with a breakup. So if you need help knowing how to get over someone, whether you dumped them or they broke your heart, here's how. Especially handy when you can't go out dancing with your pals or swan off on a mates' holiday.


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How To Break A Dating Pattern 

If your dating life is a mess, it’s easy to feel as if you’re cursed with bad luck in love. We’ll let you in on a secret: while there are rare instances where people magically find ‘the One(s)’ and live happily ever after, more often than not you have to work really hard to find a soulmate, or even just a casual fling. We’re not referring to the constant swiping on apps, the stale conversations during bad dates or the painful ghosting on repeat (speaking of – can we all please stop doing that?) – though that is definitely hard work. But rather, the importance of working on yourself and spotting signs in your dating life that might be the very reason you’re not finding what you’re after.


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Some Dating App Users Are Listing Their COVID Status, But Experts Are Skeptical 

According to Lily Walford, a relationship coach and founder of the dating company Love With Intelligence, if you were to join a dating app today, you'd probably discover sentences like "am healthy" or "COVID-free" in user bios. And while that information may very well prove helpful, the unfortunate truth is that it's often listed as a way that further facilitates in-person hookups, rejecting the rules of stay-at-home orders.


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If you’ve started dating someone during lockdown you’re probably extremely giddy with the excitement of when you’ll see them in person. But, much like any form of online dating, there’s always a chance that you’re being catfished. As terrible as that thought is, the probability that you’re not speaking to who you think you are is higher when you’ve not been introduced by someone you know. We spoke to Lily Walford, a behavioural profiler who specialises in helping clients with online dating, to find out the red flags that could lead to you being catfished.


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Lily Walford, founder of Love with Intelligence, tells us that we should be conscious and deliberate about how we nurture and build our relationships during this time.

“One hour of connected, present conversation can be worth more than six hours of absent-mindedly scrolling through Facebook while on call to each other exchanging occasional thoughts.”



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Celebs Go Virtual Dating: How lockdown has CHANGED the way we date for GOOD

Ahead of the new episode airing, spoke to Dating Coach at Love with Intelligence Lily Walford on whether virtual dating could become the new norm when it comes to dating.

Lily said: "Virtual dating can feel like you are simulating a long-distance relationship. Whilst there are some benefits in terms of having deep conversations and taking the time to learn about each other without the pheromones getting in the way, it can be really difficult to build up trust and that feeling of exclusivity."


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TRUE LOVE? From your perfect dinner guest to how you think you will die — the 36 questions you must ask to find true love

RELATIONSHIP coach Lily Walford, of, has looked at the questions and says: "They are powerful because they take two people on a journey through each other’s minds, lives, fears and hopes.

In a short space of time you can get to know a lot. Some questions are quite sensitive, which quickly reveals whether you feel happy to be vulnerable with this person.


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How to ask for space in a relationship without upsetting your partner

The tricky thing is, headspace has got a bit of a bad rep and can make your partner feel insecure, uncomfortable or confused — especially if they don't need as much of it —and this puts unnecessary pressure on a relationship.


So, to help us navigate the minefield of asking for space in a relationship, we spoke to Lily Walford, a relationship coach at Love With Intelligence.


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Richard and Judy: THIS is the key to their long marriage - Expert

Relationship and behaviour specialist Lily Walford, founder of Love With Intelligence, talks about how their love is seen when the pair work together.


Lily said: "During a recent interview on Lorraine, Richard watched a clip from the couple's time presenting on This Morning and commented on how beautiful he thought his wife was, clearly demonstrating he's still besotted with her, even after nearly 35 years of marriage.


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Sexless relationships:“Am I the only one not having sex with my partner in lockdown?”

And, in fairness, we can understand why, As Lily Walford, relationship coach at Love With Intelligence says, “Spending more time than ever before in each other’s company sounds like a romantic dream, full of opportunity to get to know each other’s body.”


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BABIES ON THE BRAIN From Justin Bieber to Ashley Banjo – why men holding babies make ladies broody

But what is it about a man clasping a newborn that makes us go so weak at the knees?


Behavioural profiler Lily Walford says: “An image of a man with a baby triggers that feeling of seeing a man that’s worth mating with.


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