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We believe that everyone deserves real, honest and genuine love, but not everyone knows how to get it.  The dating and relationship industry provides false solutions in the form of scripts, mind-games, and manipulation, while ignoring crucial elements which can cause people to be vulnerable with the wrong people, resulting in unhealthy relationships.


I love to see our clients get life-changing results and find loving, connected relationships; I get both inspired and excited by having the creative freedom to use my passion for psychology and behavioural change to provide the help that I once needed.


Lily Walford

Behavioural Profiler, Relationship & Dating Coach

NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

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This guide is over 15 pages and jammed packed with ways of how you can meet a compatible partner who is right for you!

Cutting Edge CIA Level Intelligence

The only relationship and dating company to be bringing in CIA level military intelligence in the industry!


Why? Because it's the most accurate information regarding human psychology. 


Learn about relationships and dating with a level of accuracy that will allow you to date safely and successful, so you are stacking the odds heavily in your favour of fulfilling your relationship goals of meeting the right partner for you. 


This human intelligence is also used to share with our clients on how they can use this to maintain a long lasting relationship too. 



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Our Happy Clients

We're so madly crazy in love, and we thank you for making it possible to be at this point in our life were we have found the love we always desired to have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Rebecca - Scotland

Engaged & Due To Be Married

I feel that I am now open to a relationship, I have confidence and trust in my ability to feel whether someone is right for me or not and I feel confident to walk away from a situation that doesn't feel right without questioning myself

Katie - New Zealand

Enjoying A New Relationship

I recommend anyone who is thinking about this to invest in this and yourself!

Adele - Belfast

Now In A Long Term Relationship

I never knew a man like this existed! Remember the homework of writing out 30 qualities in a partner? Dave exceeds that list, I feel like I could write 30 more!

Rachel - United Kingdom

Engaged & Due To Be Married

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